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Why an Integrated EHR Improves Patient Relationships

Posted by Practice EHR on Nov 10, 2016 3:42:21 PM


The doctors we know say there are never enough hours in the day. Sound familiar? Well, we’re here to help. As integrated EHR systems are adopted in the industry, doctors seem to peel off a few more hours each day. And more time means a better doctor/patient relationship. Here’s why:

Time is of the essence.

It’s no secret that physicians are strapped for time and patients value efficient, yet, thorough appointments. Balancing productivity and quality care is a task, but very manageable with the right tool.

When doctors leverage software that integrates their EHR, Practice Management (PM), and billing into one comprehensive process, they can save time on manually inputting data. Not only does this increase time savings and boost productivity, but it also minimizes the risk for error when transferring data.

Some integrated EHR systems even have a dashboard function that can report metrics, including revenue and the number of patients seen. This allows doctors to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their practice and determine how to capitalize on these analytics.

We are living in an on-demand world.

Integrated EHR solutions provide physicians instant access to patient information and billing. They will also be involved in every aspect of a practice without switching between software, which saves them precious time. When the solution is cloud-based, physicians can help manage their staff and deal with any claim issues, even when working from another clinic or office.

An integrated EHR also helps enable a transparent process. Patients are now getting answers to their healthcare questions online and on-demand. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that 72% of the U.S. adult population looks online for health information. Thankfully, doctors can now meet this new wave of patient behavior in stride.

Your patients will appreciate a workflow that allows them to pay any outstanding charges on-demand, and this will help you build trustworthy relationships with your patients.

Next steps:

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