Become a Practice EHR Channel Partner

Become a Channel Partner

With EHR initiatives at the forefront today, Practice EHR's Channel Partner Program allows healthcare professionals and organizations to deliver value added services specifically for small practices. Providing small healthcare practices access to such a comprehensive and intuitive EHR solution is a win-win for partners and providers alike, enhancing profitability all around.

Practice EHR Channel Partners receive:

  • Free system integration set-up. 
  • Access to our easy-to-use platform.
  • Free startup and data migration for new customers.
  • Free brand exposure on the Channel Partner list on our website.
  • Referrals for revenue cycle management services.

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    Hear From Our Channel Partners

    "Being a Practice EHR Channel Partner allows me to offer my clients an easy-to-use, integrated, specialty-specific EHR platform for an extremely reasonable price. The Channel Partner Program is great because it enhances my company's visibility as well as profitability!"

    -Practice EHR Channel Partner


Channel Partners: 

Professional Billing Inc.

J. Doug Bush, President

Professional Billing Inc. (PBI) is a privately-owned firm providing flexible, customized medical billing and technology solutions to physicians and other healthcare providers. Our goal is to achieve optimum performance for our clients through a combination of our state-of-the-art technology, our proven processes, our years of experience in the industry, our expertise, and our attention to detail. All of these factors translate into a high level of client service which, in turn, has resulted in an extremely high level of client satisfaction and client retention! PBI was founded 30 years ago under these principles and is one of the leading providers of medical billing and practice management services in the country!



Active Management

Hoda Henein, President & CEO

The most critical challenges facing the healthcare industry today is maximizing work efficiency and profitability while dealing with the rigid constraints of the managed care billing environment; and adhering to the highest legal, ethical, and professional standards.

Active Management is an innovative Medical Billing, Practice Management & Consulting Company that is dedicated to providing your practice with the latest reimbursement strategies, information and services with the highest level of quality.

The organization was born out of the frustrations of physicians trying to balance patient care with the ever-increasing confusions and pressures of managing a practice. Our medical billing solutions are the single most powerful tool in accelerating cash flow, reducing expenses and increasing profits within a practice.

Our office is located in Queens, NY, and has grown with trusting clients throughout the United States. Active Management currently provides, Practice Consulting and Billing and Management services for the following specialties: General Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, OB/GYN, Family Practice and Osteopathy, Radiology and Urgent Care, Cardiology & Electrophysiology, Orthopedic, PT and Reimbursement specialist for Podiatry in several states, focusing on DME. We offer our services nationwide.



Med Associates Inc.

Catherine Alvey, CPA, President

Med Associates tailors our services to meet the goals and preferences of our clients. We work closely with our clients and their office staff to assess their needs and provide essential resources and information. Our objective is to assure the financial success of our clients.

Med Associates was founded in 1988. We are conveniently located in Airport Park in Latham, NY. We provide service to physicians in both individual and group practices. Med Associates has grown and expanded to provide a vast array of services to over 70 providers in various specialties.

We have been physician advocates for over 25 years. We understand the unique nature of each practice. Each practice and provider is different. We provide consistent management resources and are used as partners with practices. Our client’s success is our success.



Health Care Practice Management

Cindy Groux, Founder & CEO

Health Care Practice Management has the revenue cycle management, office management, and credentialing experience to help clients accomplish their business objectives. Health Care Practice Management was founded in 1992 by Cindy Groux, CHBME, a proven practice administrator who brings over 32 years of experience in her field. Our executives are experienced professionals possessing comprehensive backgrounds in medical management operations. Collectively they bring over 50 years of combined experience in their field.

How are we different? HCPM offers clients a comprehensive billing and collection service, as well as a consulting program that seeks to improve practice profitability by reviewing billing procedures (including that appropriateness of current CPT and diagnostic coding). One of the most important management services we provide is helping physicians revitalize outdated billing systems.

HCPM offers connectivity to your practice. Your staff can utilize our system for scheduling, charge and payment posting at a reduced rate. We have developed a corporate compliance program compatible with OIG rules to insure accurate claims submissions, follow-up and ethical business practices.

Presently serving Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Florida and beyond. We're your top choice of Medical Billing Companies in Delaware!