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The ONE solution built for enterprise-level billing.


Built from the ground up.

The only ONE designed specifically for today’s complex billing challenges.

Other software solutions are patchworked together by companies that purchase various software entities. Having different functions cobbled together impacts your user experience. Our enterprise practice management solution is powerful, but seamless as it was designed and developed from scratch- without any software retrofitting. Practice EHR Enterprise is built to handle the complexities of your enterprise organization effectively, efficiently and profitably.

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Simple & Effective

Just ONE Login

If you’re a billing company with several clients or a practice with multiple locations, Practice EHR Enterprise makes it easy with one single login. You don’t have to switch clients or practices – you can see everything you need with one login. Additionally, our software is keyboard driven instead of mouse driven. Leveraging computer shortcut keys instead of having to pick up the mouse as often, improves your workflow and productivity.

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Get the Big Picture

The ONE with “roll up” reporting.

Practice EHR Enterprise is integrated not just with labs, but with hospital systems and other EHRs. As an enterprise organization, you may have to connect with multiple organizations and vendors, typically requiring multiple interfaces. Practice EHR Enterprise interoperates with those interfaces and rolls them into one for simplicity and ease of use. Additionally, our functionality allows you to run a report across all practice locations.

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Reliable and Scalable

ONE size does fit all

We’ve blended our healthcare industry knowledge with billing experience and technical expertise to build Practice EHR Enterprise. In fact, it is our flagship solution used by thousands of billing companies nationwide. The system can support tens of thousands of users and hundreds of terabytes of data, and scale to support your growth, whatever your goals may be. The robust platform environment is designed to meet performance, reliability and scalability demands.

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Enterprise Features

Our powerful set of features allow you to streamline your workflow and amplify financial performance and productivity.


Comprehensive Case Management

Maintain and save unique case records from all stages of a practice, from entry level to final payment.


Financial Management

Improve revenue and enhance productivity with automated management of inbound and outbound payments.


Automated Batch Processing

Maintain all records with the ability to batch process administration reports, medical cases, statements, financial reports and patient ledgers.


Extensive Claim Scrubbing

Reduce denials and rejections with patient eligibility verification, authorizations and real-time warnings for inaccurate coding.


Plan Specific Edits & Regulations

Search and review unique identifiers, batch recall and standardize claims according to set regulations.


Enterprise-wide Roll-up Reporting

Link all enterprise locations with third party systems and clearinghouses to invoke end-of-day reports and spreadsheets.


Automated & Integrated Document Management

Archive and index electronic reports and records with enhanced security protocols to maintain integrity.



Ready to Get Started?

Take your billing to the next level with the Practice EHR Enterprise.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I cannot begin to describe how this EHR system has improved my medical practice. Besides being so efficient, I am able to spend quality time with my patients instead of worrying about handwritten notes, appointment mistakes and missing documents. I highly recommend this system to any busy medical practice!

Dr. Ellen Sue Ginsberg, D.O., P.C.

Pain Management Specialist, Bronx, NY

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been using Practice EHR since January 2016 and are very happy with the program. Practice EHR has enabled us to capture all patient information and billing we may have missed in the past. It has eliminated large amounts of time-consuming paperwork, and it has given me greater control over the practice.

Dr. Henry Hall, D.C.

Co-op City Chiropractic, Bronx, NY

What Our Clients Are Saying

A great EMR and customer service is awesome. From sales on down, working with Practice EHR has been fantastic. I would have no reservations about recommending Practice EHR to anyone looking to start a practice or switch from their current EMR system.

Dr. Justin Rivera, DPM

Valley Foot & Ankle Specialists, Grass Valley, California

What Our Clients Are Saying

Practice EHR is a very efficient EHR system. Very user-friendly and easy to learn. Highly recommended.

Dr. Salman Hassan, M.D. (Pediatrician)

Morris Medical Office, Bronx, NY

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Practice EHR team is very pleasant to work with and they offer an excellent and affordable solution for billing companies and their clients.

David Swiercz, President

HealthCare Automations Inc., Frankfort, IL

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have had a great experience with Practice EHR so far. We switched to Practice EHR 8 months ago and are extremely satisfied with their practice management software. What distinguishes Practice EHR from the rest is its useful training, intuitive interface, and cooperative support team. The onboarding was straightforward, thanks to the support team. I highly recommend Practice EHR to anyone looking for an inexpensive yet efficient EHR system.


Hospital & Health Care

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have recently kicked off our business, and our main concern was to find easy-to-use and inexpensive EHR software. We switched to Practice EHR for its affordable plan that seemed suitable for our new business. Our staff has found their software pleasing to the eyes and simple to use. I will recommend Practice EHR to new practices!


Medical Practice

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