The ONE that simplifies healthcare.

Practice EHR is the ONE solution that’s designed to meet the unique needs of your specialty. It’s the ONE that simplifies your practice with an intuitive workflow to manage all major tasks. And it’s the ONE with a modern design that empowers anyone in your office to do their job with ease. It’s the ONE you’ve been looking for.

The ONE designed with you in mind.

Why Practice EHR

Practice EHR has helped medical practices be more efficient and profitable for over two decades. Our intuitive software solution features a specialty-specific and simplified workflow with streamlined documentation, billing and practice management, allowing physicians to get back to doing what they do best—caring for patients.

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The ONE with healthcare experience.

Our Team

When building a medical software solution from the ground up, it is important that the expectations of the healthcare industry are not just met, but exceeded. That’s why our team has an extensive background in healthcare. Practice EHR was designed and developed by healthcare experts with your organization in mind.

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The ONE that amplifies productivity.

Our Solutions

Practice EHR works with any specialty to streamline the entire patient visit, from check-in to check-out, billing to claim submission, and scheduling to follow up – all in ONE place. Our intuitive software design is easy-to-use, and because it’s cloud-based, you have the freedom to work anywhere and everywhere that Internet is available. That's why we're a leading EHR provider trusted by both large and small practices.

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Everything you need in an EHR solution for an affordable price.




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