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5 Key Features for Streamlined Lab Processing

shutterstock_1169699956 (1)Ordering, sending and receiving labs are an integral part of clinical practice and patient care. Therefore, it’s important for medical practices to look for an EHR with key features that will streamline lab processes:

1. Interoperability with EHR

Most importantly, the EHR you choose should offer a bi-directional interface with laboratory companies so that you can easily order, receive and send results from within your EHR. Integrated lab processing improves efficiency and will result in cost savings for your practice.

2. Patient Portal Access to Results

Your EHR should offer an easy way to share lab results with patients via a patient portal. This functionality is important to your patients and also your practice. Today, patients expect to receive and access lab results quickly. Additionally, a patient portal will help cut down follow-up calls and help your practice meet Meaningful Use measures that require sharing results electronically.

3. Provider Access

Your EHR should provide an easy way for you to receive and share information and results with other providers. Sending this information electronically, via e-fax or secure messaging allows you to communicate more efficiently. 

4. Order/receive Labs within Patient’s Chart

The EHR you choose should allow you to order labs within your clinical workflow. Additionally, once the results have been completed, they should automatically upload into the patient’s chart so that you can easily access and review.

5. Intuitive Workflow

It’s important that the EHR you choose is easy-to-use. A good EHR will offer an user-friendly workflow that makes it easy for you to send and receive lab orders, intuitively and efficiently. Physicians should be able to quickly view and verify results, as well as send the results to the patient, or send a message to staff with further instructions on how to proceed.

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