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Feb 14, 2024 5:30:10 AM Practice EHR

Why the Future of Quality Healthcare is Digital? - Practice EHR

GettyImages-518409280.jpgAre you a healthcare provider who's been hesitant to adopt an electronic health record (EHR) system? If so, please allow me to share some insights that could help you make the right decision.

While it may seem like a hassle to switch from paper records to a digital system, it's important to remember that technology has come a long way since the HITECH Act was introduced in 2009. With the right EHR system in place, you can improve patient care, increase efficiency, and prepare your practice for the future.

What are the Benefits of Going Digital in Healthcare?

Digitalization in healthcare can offer numerous benefits that can significantly improve patient outcomes and healthcare provider efficiency. One of the most significant benefits is increased accessibility to patient data, which can improve the accuracy and speed of diagnoses, treatments and overall care. Digital records can be easily shared among healthcare providers, reducing the risk of medical errors, improving communication, and enabling more coordinated and efficient care. Moreover, digitalization can also enable providers to track patient progress and outcomes more effectively, allowing them to adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Another significant benefit of digitalization in healthcare is the ability to leverage advanced technologies to improve patient outcomes. Digital tools like telemedicine and remote monitoring can allow patients to receive care from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for unnecessary hospital visits and improving convenience. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to analyze large amounts of patient data and identify patterns that can help providers make better decisions. Overall, the benefits of digitalization in healthcare are numerous and can significantly improve patient outcomes and healthcare provider efficiency.

Now, you might be thinking that implementing an EHR system is a daunting task. But you don't have to do it alone. There are many resources available to help you make the transition, including training and support from EHR vendors, government incentives, and educational programs.

Why Do you Need to Embrace a Quality EHR now?

Why is right now the time to embrace new healthcare technology? The largest generation in the history of the US will soon be sitting in the waiting room of your small practice, expecting technology to save their lives.

Robot doctors aren’t yet saving Millennials’ lives, but their backend counterparts, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), certainly are improving the quality of healthcare. How are technology and the digital age enhancing healthcare?


The list of ways patients will be able to more easily interact with their doctor, their doctor’s schedule and their health records is robust.

With the Right EHR, Patients can:

  • Pay from their phones.
  • Receive texts regarding appointments.
  • Access their health records.
  • Message their doctors securely.

It’s even more convenient for doctors!

With the Right EHR, Doctors Can:

  • Gain greater reimbursements from claims scrubbing
  • Speed up the claims process with an integrated clearinghouse
  • Improve organization with electronic patient logging
  • Optimize your practice with clinical and financial reporting

Bear in mind these are only some of the digital advancements in the industry right now -- our team is working hard on the front lines to push innovation for small practices even further.

Embrace the Digital Age with the Modern Practice EHR

This new Millennial generation will be doing health care differently. It seems practice doctors have two choices:

Embrace new healthcare technology and meet Millennials where they are -- on their phones and online. Or wish they had because they’ll miss out on capturing this new business.

Millennials will not slow down their adoption of technology simply because some small practices hesitate, and they won’t settle for the inconvenience of not having it. Once these young, digitally savvy patients get a taste of how their experience is superior at practices that have adopted EHR systems, they will demand it every time. And if they don’t get it? They’ll find a doctor’s office that uses an EHR solution so they can once again enjoy the capabilities they have come to expect.

The patient experience varies by EHR because the patient experience is only as good as the doctor’s experience with the software. Here at Practice EHR, we took the time to speak with doctors, learn about their EHR hurdles, and understand where and why some software fell short, and then we leveraged that knowledge and built an EHR platform perfect for small practices of 1-3 doctors.

We’re excited about this new digital age because we see all of the opportunities these technological advancements provide. Request a free demo of Practice EHR today so we can show you those opportunities firsthand. Visit our website https://www.practiceehr.com/ or give us a call at (469) 305-7171 and get started with your Free Demo.

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