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See and Treat Patients Remotely with Telemedicine

Practice EHR Telemedicine

Telemedicine software is predicted to alleviate the demands on healthcare organizations during the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).  By implementing a telemedicine solution, healthcare professionals can help prevent the spread and address the needs of their patients from any place, at any given time. 

Practice EHR understands the pressures COVID-19 is putting on healthcare organizations like yours. Telehealth services may be needed at this time to support remote care capabilities in order to efficiently and effectively care for your patients. Practice EHR can help your healthcare organization navigate these challenges and connect you with your patients, with our telemedicine solution, Tele Visit.

Telemedicine saves time, offers time-efficient solutions, and reduces costs significantly. Practice EHR's telemedicine solution provides a simple and secure way to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely to avoid unnecessary office visits. Practice EHR Tele Visit can offer your practice the following benefits:

Care Anywhere, Anytime
Connect with patients through secure, real-time video consultation using our video platform or a video platform of your choosing such as Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Integrated Patient Experience
Maintain the same quality patient experience, with an included online patient portal for patient appointment requests, messaging, bill pay and more.

Simple & Seamless
Use TeleVisit from within Practice EHR or as a stand-alone solution. With a telemedicine-specific workflow, template and checkin-in process, adding a telemedicine software has never been easier.

As you and your staff discuss the changes COVID-19 has brought to your practice, consider how telemedicine can help you adapt during these times.

Practice EHR is committed to delivering the support and service our clients need. If you would like more information about our telemedicine solution, please fill in this form and someone will contact you soon.

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