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Jun 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM Practice EHR

The Roadmap to Selecting Medical Practice Software

EHR-software-roadmapDo you currently manage your medical practice using disconnected systems that struggle to sync, preventing you from efficiently running your office? Do you want software that helps efficiently and effectively manage your medical office, but are overwhelmed when it comes to identifying the right software? Finding a platform that marries the patient experience, clinical workflow and the business management side of your practice, is certainly achievable if you know what questions to ask and are adequately trained to leverage the solution.

Join us for our July webinar series where we will guide you through the process of finding electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) software. In this three-part webinar series, Practice EHR’s Implementation Manager, Karna Morrow, will provide a road map for choosing medical practice software and take participants through guided tours of an integrated EHR and PM platform.

Electronic Health Record Roadmap

In part one of the series, participants will learn how to choose the right EHR for the specific needs of the practice by first uncovering and identifying those needs. Then attendees will take away best practices for choosing an EHR, along with the traits and benefits of EHR technology that is well positioned to support the practice.

Practice Management Roadmap

The second part of the series will focus on selecting practice management software to support a transparent, accurate and timely billing process. Attendees will learn the traits and benefits of PM software and how an automated billing process can help the practice reduce inaccuracies and manage denials and rejections much faster, resulting in better financial health.

Integrated Platform Roadmap

In part three of the series, participants will discover the benefits when three systems actually work together as one integrated platform, complete with an EHR, PM and clearinghouse, to provide a seamless workflow from patient check-in to reimbursement and improve efficiency of the medical practice. Attendees will come away understanding what a “completely integrated” platform looks and functions like, as well as the ability to evaluate software for their practice needs.

Register for the entire series, or the webinar that interests you the most, and come away with the confidence to choose the right software for your medical practice.

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