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Practice EHR Product Updates: August 2019

Posted by Practice EHR on Aug 23, 2019 11:06:52 AM


Latest Updates August

Practice EHR is always evolving and improving our platform to meet the needs of the practices we work with. This month our team is excited to release 32 new software updates. In this blog post, we will highlight some key changes our users can expect to see on August 27, 2019. Check out some of our latest features and improvements:

See a full list of updates for August 2019.


  • Get the insights you're looking for in no time. We've adopted the most advanced and intuitive data grid on the market to improve the way data is displayed and make it easy for our customers to use. The following billing grids have been converted to Kendo Grids including, charge listing, claim editing, payment batch ledger, plan follow up, patient follow up and RCM manager. Users will now be able to move columns, resize columns, and sort and filter information quickly.

6) kendo grid update

  • Get a system built with your specialty in mind. We've added a head circumference growth chart to the pediatrics workflow so that our pediatric physicians have the clinical content they need for their practice. For this release, we made an pediatric-specific update but this is just one example of how Practice EHR evolves to meet the specialty-specific needs of our clients.


  • See important alerts before an appointment is booked. New alerts have been added so that front desk staff can see important alerts about a patient while scheduling an appointment. Clinical and financial alerts will now appear when booking an appointment and selecting a patient from the scheduler.


  • Improve practice communication. Most practices operate at a fast pace, so mistakes sometimes happen. Fortunately, Practice EHR messages are now editable. Users who create the message will be able to edit the message and make any changes necessary. Through editable messaging practices are empowered to communicate more accurately and effectively.

13) Message 3 Edit

  • Track a patient visit. We've made multiple updates in key areas throughout the system to help practices keep track of a patient visit. Practice staff will be able to see the billing and clinical status of each visit at a glance. For example, from the patient chart, a physician or a front desk person will be able to see whether a note is in progress or signed off and where it's at as it moves through different parts of the billing process. At the same time, a medical biller will be able to see the same status updates in their billing workflow.


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