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Practice EHR is launching a free webinar series in May to educate physicians and medical practice managers on a variety of healthcare information technology topics. The engaging webinars are fast-paced, information-packed, and designed to help practices connect with patients and leverage platforms to maintain operational efficiency and financial success.

Karna Morrow, CPC, RCC, CCS-P, Implementation Manager at Practice EHR, will host the webinar series. Having spent nearly three decades in the healthcare industry, she has learned that medical practices are often trying to do more with less, and often lack an understanding of the resources available to meet the specific needs of their unique practice. From leading electronic health record implementations, to providing consulting and training for a variety of healthcare organizations, Karna brings a wealth of experience to Practice EHR. It was her desire to help medical practices identify their pain points, as well as find solutions for those same pain points, that led to the launch of this webinar series.

The series is being launched during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the full benefits of identifying these software solutions to everyday obstacles will help a medical practice for the long term. Below is more information about the series:

Topic: Selecting and Understanding Your EHR

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Time: 12 PM CST

It’s no secret that choosing the right software for your practice is an overwhelming task. We’re here to shed some light on the selection process to better equip your practice in choosing the right software for the specific needs of your office. During this webinar you will learn:

  • best practices for navigating the troubling process of choosing an EHR, 
  • to uncover and understand the needs of your practice, and 
  • how to ask the right questions when evaluating a new software.

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Topic: Connecting Practice and Patients: How to Embrace Telemedicine and the Patient Portal

Date: Thursday, May 14

Time: 12PM CST

Is your practice falling behind with backlogged patients, cancellations, and postponed appointments? Are you looking for another way to safely and efficiently engage with your patients? Discover how an integrated patient portal and telemedicine solution can help your practice stay virtually-connected with your patients. In this webinar, you will explore the full benefits of these must-have EHR features including:

  • how to train your staff to effectively engage with patients electronically,
  • using the patient portal to stay connected with patients, and
  • understanding telemedicine’s best practices and how to get started.

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Topic: What is the Gold Standard in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)? 

Date: Thursday, May 21

Time: 12PM CST

Operating a successful medical practice is more than just treating patients. It is also about achieving timely and appropriate reimbursement to ensure the financial success of the practice. Does your current billing process provide a clear view of the financial health and performance of the practice?

This webinar will guide you through gold standard RCM services that streamline the billing process and support financial growth. You will learn:

  • how to gain dedicated resources to streamline the billing process,
  • the pros and cons of external billing versus in-house billing, and
  • key characteristics of gold standard billing services.

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Registration and participation in any of the webinars is free. To learn more or register, please visit https://www.practiceehr.com/practice-ehr-webinar-events.

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