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Is Your Practice Ready for E-Prescribing Mandates?

Posted by Practice EHR on Jun 24, 2019 8:30:00 AM

E-Prescribing State Regulations 4

Laws requiring e-prescribing are gaining momentum nationwide. Many states have already passed mandates on e-prescribing and many others are introducing legislation that will take effect within the next few years.

Are you familiar with the laws on e-prescribing in your state? Each state has an individual approach, so mandates vary from state to state. Review our outline below for more information on e-prescribing laws in your state and remember, e-prescribing under Medicare Part D will most likely be required for all prescribers come 2021.

States who have current laws in place are:

  • Connecticut - e-prescribing for controlled substances
  • Maine - controlled substances containing opiates
  • Minnesota - all prescriptions
  • New York - all prescriptions

States who passed laws that will be going into effect soon are:

  • Arizona - controlled substances, effective 2020
  • Arkansas - Schedule II-VI controlled substances, effective 2021
  • California - all prescriptions, effective 2022
  • Colorado - Schedule II-IV controlled substances, effective July 2021 for most prescribers or July 2023 for dentists and rural or solo practitioners
  • Indiana - controlled substances, effective 2021
  • Iowa - all prescriptions, effective 2020
  • Kansas - controlled substances containing opiates, effective 2021
  • Kentucky - controlled substances, effective 2021
  • Massachuttes - controlled substances, effective 2020
  • North Carolina - Schedule II and III controlled substances, effective 2020
  • Oklahoma - Schedule II-V controlled substances, effective 2020
  • Pennsylvania - Schedule II-V controlled substances, effective October 24, 2019
  • Rhode Island - controlled substances, effective 2020
  • South Carolina - controlled substances, effective 2021
  • Tennessee - controlled substances, effective 2021
  • Virginia - controlled substances containing opiates, effective July 2020
  • Washington - controlled substances, effective 2021
  • Wyoming - controlled substances, effective 2021

States with pending legislation on e-prescribing are:

  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Texas

Is your practice ready for e-prescribing requirements? As more states begin to mandate e-prescribing, now is a good time to ensure your practice is ready. E-prescribing also has many advantages, such as safer, more accurate, prescribing and lower-costs.

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