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"Practice EHR does everything I need."
Kelly Payne (CEO, Foothills Billing)

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A medical practice and billing company faced a sudden change in its business and needed to quickly implement a new electronic health record (EHR) system. They had to train two physicians and two staff members on the new system, and the training had to be completed immediately.

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The organization began using Practice EHR in June of 2019. Kelley says, “The ease and use of Practice EHR saved our practice.” “The physicians and staff were able to learn the system in just one day of clinical use. Practice EHR was different from other EHR systems that the owner had used, as it was priced reasonably and was straightforward in its claim submission and follow-up process. “Due to my husband owning his own Practice and myself owning a billing company, I know and use 10 different software's. Practice EHR is, hands down, my favorite; not only is it priced very reasonably, but it does EVERYTHING I need.” The system did not write off money, and physician notes were easy to create and maintain. The office staff found it easy to learn and use, as it was a point-and-click system that got the job done.


Practice EHR is, hands down, my favorite; not only is it priced very reasonably, but it does EVERYTHING I need.”

Kelly Payne
CEO - Foothills Billing

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Practice EHR proved to be an excellent investment for Medical Practice and billing companies. It was easy to use and very user-friendly, making it possible to train staff and physicians in just one day. It was reasonably priced and included the clearinghouse, making it a cost-effective choice. The system did everything that was needed, and claim submission and follow-ups were straightforward, making the billing process easy.
They found the system user-friendly and quick to learn. “The system doesn’t write off your money. Physician’s notes are easy once they are set up. Office staff can easily and quickly learn how to use the system. It’s very point-and-click. It’s not fancy. It just gets the job done. I love it!” Its user-friendliness made it possible to float their boat in the hot waters. Also, it saved a lot of their time and enabled them to focus on more productive sides of the Practice. She states, “What makes Practice EHR my favorite is that it’s easy to use. It’s so user-friendly!!!!! I can train someone on the software in a day and have them be proficient.”
Practice EHR’s support team was responsive and quick to follow up on tickets. They are quick to follow up on tickets in the system. The owner of the practice and billing company highly recommends Practice EHR to other organizations. “I compare it to the GLS 450 all the time. It’s fancy, priced very well, and it will do everything you need and go the distance. You can count on this system to take care of you!” Practice EHR is a reliable and trustworthy system that will get the job done efficiently and effectively.




Everything you need in an affordable EHR solution at a reasonable price.