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Dr. Larka Improves Practice Operations with a Podiatry-Specific EHR

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As a solo podiatrist, Britt Larka, D.P.M struggled to find an electronic health record (EHR) system designed to meet the needs of her Houston-based practice. “EHR’s we’ve used in the past were costly, geared towards larger practices and difficult to navigate,” said Dr. Larka. “They were cumbersome for a practice of our size, impacting patient care, hindering our day-to-day operations and making us very inefficient.” On average, Dr. Larka and her staff of three, manage 80 patient visits per week.

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With a recommendation from her long-time billing services provider, Dr. Larka found Practice EHR - an EHR with podiatry-specific content and a simple workflow designed for small practices.


“Practice EHR helps my office staff work more efficiently, and allows me to spend more time with my patients.”

Britt Larka

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Implementing Practice EHR was a smooth process for Dr. Larka and her office staff. “Transitioning to Practice EHR was an easier process than expected,” said Dr. Larka. “They provided great customer support and also helped with data migration, integration, training and customization at no additional cost.”

After implementing Practice EHR, Dr. Larka and her team quickly appreciated the system’s easy-to-use and intuitive workflow. “The simplicity of Practice EHR is great, and the system is very user-friendly which saves us valuable time,” said Dr. Larka. “Practice EHR helps my office staff work more efficiently, and allows me to spend more time with my patients.”

Dr. Larka’s staff improved practice management and efficiency with the help of Practice EHR’s electronic claim submission feature. They could easily send encounters to their billing provider from within Practice EHR. “Prior to Practice EHR, we documented in one system, then sent a paper record to our biller and that was very inefficient,” said Dr. Larka. “Now encounters get sent electronically from within Practice EHR, helping us get paid faster.”

Practice EHR’s specialty-specific, yet simple workflow also became a favorite feature for Dr. Larka. “EHR’s are typically difficult to navigate for small practices because they have so many unnecessary features that we never use,” said Dr. Larka. “Practice EHR is simple, yet has all of the features we need to run our small practice. Most importantly, the system is customized for my specialty.”

Practice EHR is designed and priced specifically for small practices. With a simple workflow and podiatry-specific content, Practice EHR helps podiatrists optimize and streamline their practice while improving patient care.




Everything you need in an affordable EHR solution at a reasonable price.