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Co-op City Chiropractic Manages High Patient Volumes with Practice EHR

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Co-op City Chiropractic is a five-physician chiropractic facility in Bronx, NY, managing 3,000 patient visits per month. With a growing patient load on top of the maintenance associated with existing medical records, Co-op City Chiro needed a better way to manage their practice on the back end without disrupting patient care. “As one of the busiest doctor’s offices in New York, we knew it was time to adopt an Electronic Health Record (EHR),” said Dr. Henry Hall, Chiropractic Specialist at Co-op City Chiro.

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Co-op City Chiro implemented Practice EHR, a complete EHR system with tailored templates and workflows for chiropractors and integrated practices.

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“What really surprised us were the cost-savings.

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Within minutes and without any disruption to patients or staff, Co-op City Chiro implemented Practice EHR. “Training was a breeze, partially because the system is so user-friendly,” said Dr. Hall. “We didn’t have to be tech savvy to jump right in and use the platform.”

The best part? Co-op City Chiro also noticed an immediate improvement in practice management and overall efficiency. They could easily log patient care and the system integrated flawlessly with their billing services partner. “Practice EHR enabled us to easily capture the patient visit, and at a busy practice like ours, this was big,” said Dr. Hall. “We could also effectively bill all of our patients within the platform.”

After implementing Practice EHR, Co-op City Chiro also reported the technology made a positive financial impact. “What really surprised us were the cost-savings,” said Dr. Hall. “Practice EHR was already very affordable in regards to monthly bills, but we were able to reduce additional costs on postage, ink, toner, envelopes and paper.”

For Co-op City Chiro, Practice EHR’s remote accessibility became a favorite feature. “I didn’t even realize at first, but the best feature about Practice EHR is by far that it’s cloud-based,” said Dr. Hall. “It’s on the Internet, which means I can access it from anywhere and get work done remotely.”

Practice EHR was designed with chiropractors in mind. With affordable pricing that fits any budget, it’s the perfect EHR system for practices that are looking to leverage EHR features to cut costs, improve efficiency and seamlessly deliver patient care.




Everything you need in an affordable EHR solution at a reasonable price.