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Medical Billing Solutions

Practice EHR offers medical billing solutions through our dynamic medical billing software as well as through our revenue-cycle management service. Both provide complete revenue insight and can streamline the billing process.

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Medical Billing Software

Cloud-based and cost-effective, our medical billing software is designed for doctors and their staff, allowing you to focus on patients instead of worrying about technology.

Practice EHR's Practice Management software streamlines billing processes and connects to over 16,000 payers. It provides the tools and automation to monitor and scrub claims, check eligibility, prevent denials, investigate rejections and so much more. Complete integration with our EHR and clearinghouse solutions allows for a seamless experience from check-in to claim submission. With everything accessible within a few clicks, your practice can be more efficient and profitable.

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Revenue-Cycle Management Services

A department of billing experts and medical coders that helps you get paid faster with less work and a lower cost.

Our RCM comes with a team of certified billers and medical coders with extensive experience. With our flexible service options, there’s no need to worry about staffing issues and practice overhead when you can benefit from our team of certified, experienced medical billers and coders. We offer experts in every area to provide the support that aligns with your needs—people who work on follow-ups, payment posting, data entry, authorizations, etcetera. We incorporate best practices, experience and leading technology to ensure your medical billing process is timely and accurate.

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Total Visibility

Medical billing solutions that are 100% transparent.

Our software and RCM services offer complete transparency to provide insight into not only the clinical side of your practice but the financial as well. This visibility includes access to the entire billing workflow, your practice financials, denials and appeals being worked, payments and adjustments, and more. It's all in our system.

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Perfect Optimization

Billing solutions that scale with you.

Whether your practice is new or established, a physician or a multispecialty group—our medical billing software and RCM services are scalable and optimized for your organization. All of Practice EHR's solutions easily support and scale across practices of any size or specialty.

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Medical Billing Features

Our powerful suite of features allows you to streamline your medical billing process and amplify your profitability.


Integrated Medical Billing Solution

Ensure no money is left on the table with an integrated approach of proven technology and expertise to manage the full scope of revenue cycle work.


Integrated Clearinghouse

Achieve better profitability with a powerful clearinghouse working on the back end to reduce errors automatically and streamline claims management.


RCM Manager

Get complete visibility into your claims and communicate with your dedicated billing expert through the RCM manager portal.



Track financial success and billing performance in real-time with robust analytics, financial reporting and a monthly trend analysis review with our team.


Patient statements

Spend less time on manual billing processes. We generate and send patient statements for you.


Claim Scrubbing & Claim Submission

Optimize the financial performance of the practice with a team of experts working to get your claims sent out accurately and on time.


Follow-up & Denial Management

Ensure your claims are paid in full with a team of expert billers working denials, appeals and follow up to get you what you’re owed.


Payment Posting & Adjustments

Ensure your patient ledgers are up to date with a team of experts posting payments and adjustments for you.



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Let's talk about optimizing your medical billing with Practice EHR.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I cannot begin to describe how this EHR system has improved my medical practice. Besides being so efficient, I am able to spend quality time with my patients instead of worrying about handwritten notes, appointment mistakes and missing documents. I highly recommend this system to any busy medical practice!

Dr. Ellen Sue Ginsberg, D.O., P.C.

Pain Management Specialist, Bronx, NY

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been using Practice EHR since January 2016 and are very happy with the program. Practice EHR has enabled us to capture all patient information and billing we may have missed in the past. It has eliminated large amounts of time-consuming paperwork, and it has given me greater control over the practice.

Dr. Henry Hall, D.C.

Co-op City Chiropractic, Bronx, NY

What Our Clients Are Saying

A great EMR and customer service is awesome. From sales on down, working with Practice EHR has been fantastic. I would have no reservations about recommending Practice EHR to anyone looking to start a practice or switch from their current EMR system.

Dr. Justin Rivera, DPM

Valley Foot & Ankle Specialists, Grass Valley, California

What Our Clients Are Saying

Practice EHR is a very efficient EHR system. Very user-friendly and easy to learn. Highly recommended.

Dr. Salman Hassan, M.D. (Pediatrician)

Morris Medical Office, Bronx, NY

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Practice EHR team is very pleasant to work with and they offer an excellent and affordable solution for billing companies and their clients.

David Swiercz, President

HealthCare Automations Inc., Frankfort, IL

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have had a great experience with Practice EHR so far. We switched to Practice EHR 8 months ago and are extremely satisfied with their practice management software. What distinguishes Practice EHR from the rest is its useful training, intuitive interface, and cooperative support team. The onboarding was straightforward, thanks to the support team. I highly recommend Practice EHR to anyone looking for an inexpensive yet efficient EHR system.


Hospital & Health Care

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have recently kicked off our business, and our main concern was to find easy-to-use and inexpensive EHR software. We switched to Practice EHR for its affordable plan that seemed suitable for our new business. Our staff has found their software pleasing to the eyes and simple to use. I will recommend Practice EHR to new practices!


Medical Practice

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