With over two decades of experience working closely with healthcare organizations, we realized that a one-size-fits-all electronic health record (EHR) isn’t right for all care settings. That’s why at Practice EHR, our goal is to deliver a solution designed to meet the needs of medical practices and their specialty.

Simplified and specialty-specific solutions.

Practice EHR is a cloud-based and specialty-specific EHR and practice management (PM) solution that supports care delivery and drives a healthy practice. We relieve the pain points of running a practice by offering a specialty-specific workflow and simplifying things like documentation, billing and practice management.

Committed to helping your practice.

We’re committed to helping medical practices and believe that transitioning to an EHR shouldn’t be a burden. We deliver an intuitive, simple and cost-effective solution and provide customer support at no additional cost. As part of our efforts to provide an affordable EHR offering, Practice EHR also allows advertisers to include ads in our software. This helps keep costs low while also communicating company news, special discounts and other offers relevant to your practice. If you’d prefer no ads contact us for our ad-free pricing.

Trusted by physicians.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to help medical practices deliver care and help them be more profitable and efficient. We bring simplicity, automation and unmatched support, all at an affordable price point so physicians can get back to doing what they love: caring for patients. Today, we proudly support more than 1,000 physicians and 23 different specialties.

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