Cardiology EHR

Cardiology AAA Scan Report

Cardiology Cardiology Consultation Report

Cardiology Carotid Duplex Scan Report

Cardiology Echocardiogram Report

Cardiology LE Venous Doppler Report

  • Cardiology Specific Consult Templates: Cardiology specific templates revolving around Coronary Artery Disease, Valvular Heart Disease, Hypertensive Heart Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathies and many more.
  • Cardiology Specific Procedure Templates: Cardiology specific procedures like Nuclear Stress Testing, Echocardiogram, Carotid Duplex, Lower Extremity Duplex, AAA Scan, MUGA Scan and many more.
  • Hypertension/Coronary Artery Disease/Heart Failure – Health Maintenance Reminders: Automatically receive alerts and notifications related to Hypertension, CAD, CHF, Valvular Heart Disease management and Follow-ups thereby staying on top of patient care and needs.
  • Cardiology Specific Patient Chart: Crisp and Clear view of entire patient information in one shot which includes patient brief demographics and primary insurance, next appointment date, pharmacy info, last vital signs, visits, patient medical, surgical and family history, current medications, allergies, problem list, lab results, patient appointment history and health maintenance.
  • Cardiology Specific Order Sets: Cardiology specific order sets that are pre-formatted and fully customizable orders to documents treatment objectives and goals (which includes labs, radiology tests, prescriptions, office procedures, follow up and care plan) regarding a specific diagnosis.
  • Cardiology Shortcuts: Improved ease of use with ability to create Cardiology-Specific Shortcuts
  • Cardiology Specific Easy to Use Electronic Super Bills: Complete and submit an accurate super bill in just two clicks
  • Cardiology Defaults: Ability to default all objective findings in the template to normal
  • Cardiology Specific Visit Indicators: A unique feature helping providers easily distinguish between office visits and procedure testing reports
  • Integrated Patient Portal: Share and communicate with patients securely at any time
  • Flexible Documentation: Multiple date entry methods including free hand typing, point-and-click and dragon voice recognition
  • Extensive Reports: In-built clinical and financial reports with point-and-click visibility into patient’s performance and revenue management
  • User Friendly Dashboard: User friendly and state of the art dashboard for a quick overview of both financial and clinical outcome.
  • Send and receive lab results electronically: Ability to send and receive results electronically in the system with abnormal results flagged in to help identify patient care.
  • Simple and easy-to-use scheduler: To manage patient appointments and physicians’ schedules
  • Fully integrated billing system: Reduced data entry –Hence, improving work flow and revenue with fully integrated system
  • Fully Integrated Patient Appointment Call Reminder: Receive patient appointment call reminder statuses directly in the system
  • Fully Integrated Faxes: Send and receive faxes directly into the system- Hence, cutting off paper costs and labor.
  • Patient Messaging: Electronically communicate with you providers, office staff and patients by using secure electronic messaging.
  • Document Management: Ability to scan documents directly into patient chart with the capability to fax, email and send to patient to be available on patient portal
  • Referral Management: Manage referrals and electronically transmit consult letters to referring providers
  • Alerts: Real time clinical and financial alerts
  • ICD-10 Compliant
  • ONC 2015 edition certified